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    The American Glamping Association Comes to Life



The American Glamping Association Comes to Life

Having been involved with the Glamping industry for the last 10 years through the development of Under Canvas, I am delighted to announce as our next step in this glamping adventure, that the American Glamping Association is finally coming to life. Lots have changed in the glamping space over the last 10 years with glamping becoming more and more popular with unique style accommodations popping up all over the┬ácountry. It seems glamping now is entering a new era, an era that sees it become more mainstream, less quirky and unusual and for a certain segment of society. Now glamping is ready to take its place as a real contender in not only the hospitality space but also within the adventure travel space. It’s becoming accessible to all and is becoming established as an industry in its own right. With that in mind it seemed time, as part of its evolution and growth that an association be established to help propel Glamping into the next season of its life. The goals of the association therefore are to help the industry grow up, mature, professionalize and perhaps even standardize. There still remains confusion around what glamping really is, who it really suits and clarity for the consumer. We hope the association will play a huge part in helping continue the conversation to help the Glamping industry in the US be propelled to enormous success.

With incredible creativity behind us and a determination to raise the bar together, I have no doubt that the future is very bright indeed for the glamping industry. So I would encourage you to get behind us, join the conversation, register your interest and help us help you and your guests, as together we charter into new waters and into a new horizon.

Thank you for journeying with us

Sarah Dusek

CoFounder of The American Glamping Association & Under Canvas Inc



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