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    Donate to the American Glamping Association

It’s time. It’s time to elevate the American glamping industry. It’s time to make opportunities happen for our individual businesses. It’s time to increase awareness of glamping. It’s time for the industry to evolve.

The AGA needs your financial resources to move this industry forward.  While in the coming months the AGA will also need your talents and time, financial contributions are needed now to establish a membership base and initial programs. Without initial monetary support, we can do nothing.  But together, we can create a collective voice that advances our industry and individual businesses.

Please join me in creating an organization that helps us think about ourselves as part of a larger whole and advances our collective interests.  Your voice will shape our industry.  Please give what you can to launch us into new waters and onto a new horizon.

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Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm, and monetary support of, the American Glamping Association.